Mireia Ramos Rodríguez is awarded the prize for the Best Research Paper by a Predoctoral Student by the Catalan Institute of Health

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Mireia Ramos Rodríguez is a bioinformatics post-doctoral researcher; she focusses on defining the changes in cis-regulatory elements that can lead to the development of disease and programming to provide tools for other researchers to carry out their analyses. She has been awarded the Prize for Best Research Paper in Health by a Predoctoral Researcher for her article published in Nature Genetics.

As a member of the research group Endocrine Regulatory Genomics at the IGTP she participated in projects such as the Islet Regulome Browser, which enables diabetes researchers to visualize genomic data, or the discovery of how beta cells in the pancreas respond to an inflammatory environment and how this response is implicated in the risk of developing Type 1 diabetes.

For Ramos, "Winning Prize for Best Research Paper in Health by a Predoctoral Researcher is a great honour. It represents an important recognition for all the work I have carried out to prepare my thesis, which wouldn't have been possible without my supervisor, laboratory colleagues and our collaborators. I would like to highlight how important prizes like this are for increasing recognition for predoctoral researchers, who are very often invisible. This encourages us to keep working and doing innovative quality research."

The other three Catalan Health Institute research prizes for 2020 are for Josep Tabernero, Joaquin Burgos and Miguel Angel Muñoz Pérez. They receive the prizes for Hospital Researcher, Young Researcher and Primary Care Researcher respectively. All three have contributed significantly to research in health sciences of the ICS as recognized scientists.

The IGTP is one of the seven health research institutes associated with hospitals and primary health care teams of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS). Every year the ICS organizes its Research Workshop to promote high quality research and recognize the excellent scientific careers of the researchers within the institution. The research prizes are announced every year in the Research Workshop, but this year they have been postponed due to the pandemic